Trade Deadline Ideas for the New York Giants

Giants Trade Ideas

The Giants are sitting at 2-6 and looking more like a team continuing to rebuild compared to the team that, just a year ago, won a wild-card matchup against the Vikings. The Trade Deadline is tomorrow, and we will look at some deadline ideas for the Giants to consider while focusing on the near future success of the organization.

Giants Trade Deadline Ideas

Saquon Barkley

Keep and resign unless someone is willing to give you multiple picks, one being a first, which is unlikely, but I do not want to see him go anywhere anyway.

Parris Campbell

Campebll’s lack of success has been directly impacted by the poor offensive play at the start of the season, and clearly, the top two targets for Daniel Jones are Barkley and Darren Waller. With the early season woes and a lack of Yards after the catch, Parris seems to have been surpassed by Wan’Dale Robinson in Jones Peeking order as well. If I were the Giants, I would shop the veteran WR and try to get a late-round pick in return. 

Possible Landing spots: Colts, Saints, Lions, and 49ers

Leonard Williams

Williams’ I would test the market to see if there is anyone out there willing to part with a mid-round pick for the services of the talented defensive lineman. I could see Miami or Buffalo as potential suitors now; even the 49ers could be looking, considering how Joe Borrow and the Bengals shredded the San Francisco defense Sunday afternoon. Ultimately, I would keep Williams unless someone offered at least a fourth-round pick.

Possible Landing spots: Dolphins, 49ers, and Bills

A’doree Jackson

Jackson is another veteran who could help a playoff contender to solidify their defensive backfield. Jackson can play outside and in the slot when needed. I would not be shocked if Jackson is moved at the deadline if anyone is to be traded. His versatility should be intriguing to multiple playoff contenders, especially some of these teams who have struggled defensively in the past weeks. Mid-late round pick

Possible Landing spots: Dolphins, 49ers, Chiefs, Jaguars, and Lions

Here is a name I think the Giants should consider trading to add to their roster depth heading into next year. I think they need to focus on the offensive line heading into next season in free agency and the Draft, but cap space will be tight, hopefully, after re-signing Barkley, so here are a few names I am watching.

Terrance Marshall Jr

Marshall is an LSU alum who needs a change of scenery badly; Carolina doesn’t want to utilize him, it seems, and I like his size 6’2, 201lb wide receiver could be a weapon if used correctly. The Giants need improved talent in the wide receiver room, and Marshall could be a helpful target for Jones for the rest of this year and next. With Marshall, Wan’Dale Robinson, Jalin Hyatt, Darren Waller, and Darius Slayton in the fold, Jones would have an upgrade in my opinion. Marshall could fill a role that Isaiah Hodgins has yet to do this year.

In conclusion, I am okay with the Giants doing nothing if they re-sign Barkley next year; if they do not believe they can do so, then they have to try and trade him now or watch him walk away for nothing in free agency. One thing all Giants fans have to remember is this is year two of the Joe and Brian era, and last year, they overperformed. We are missing Andrew Thomas and our rookie center, John Michael Schmitz. The Defense is coming into its own, while the offense has shown little promise; I think with a healthy Daniel Jones, Andrew Thomas, and John Michael Schmitz, this team looks much different and will probably win the game against Buffalo and win the game yesterday versus the Jets which would place they at 4-4 and still in playoff contention. In my opinion, as tough as it’s been, a top 15 pick in this year’s Draft is okay with me as long as we can find a true solution to the right side of our offensive line. Evan Neal has been awful, so potentially, we can find a replacement for him through the Draft and slide him inside to one of the two guard spots next year. In the end, I hope whatever happens Tuesday does not set us further back, as last year brought back hope to a fan base who was craving success.

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